Freelance Writer

I started blogging as a hobby while at university, keeping up fansites like LOTRO Weekly and documenting my travels abroad. Through my education and the experience writing my own blogs, I’ve developed the necessary skills like thorough researching and editing in order to craft both shorter and longer essays and articles. Each post is tailored to the topic and audience so that everyone – readers and clients – are happy.

Long-term Clients

  • Van Patten MediaApr 2014 - Present
    Content management and social media management for Not a Real Job Podcast, Firsthand, Chatwire, Tomodomo, and VPM itself
  • EzimadeJune 2016 - October 2016
    Crafted a digital marketing strategy and implemented it using Facebook, Instagram, and email newsletters.
  • DIGM AssetsJan 2015 - 2016
    Website copywriting, ad writing, newsletter writing, social media management
  • Cloud Storage BuzzApr 2015 - Nov 2015
    Blog writing on cloud storage, backup, and other cloud-based technologies
  • Orttimus Prime TimeMay 2014 - Oct 2014
    Indie game reviews and news articles


  • Bachelors DegreeSept 2008 - Dec 2012
    University of Minnesota – Major in English; Minor in Anthropology; Minor in Information Technology

Skills & Attributes

  • WordPress – Nearly every site I’ve written for, whether as a hobby or professionally, has been a WordPress site. With over seven years of experience, you could say I know my way around.
  • Social Media – I’ve been in charge of multiple Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and Instagram accounts. My goal is always to share relevant content that brings in new followers and keeps current followers engaged.
  • Content Marketing – Pairing well-written blog posts with social media is a no-brainer. I’ve exercised this skill with success for hobby and professional blogs alike.
  • Strategy – In both social media and blogging, it’s important to make plans and test new strategies. I can find the right strategy for the right client and I’m always learning more.
  • Flexibility – Working nearly entirely online has taught me to always be flexible. I can change writing styles and posts to a client’s needs as well as changing things up to meet current tech trends.
  • Topics of Expertise – Indie games, comic books and graphic novels, social media, and podcasting are areas that I already know and write about frequently. However, given time to research I can write blog posts on just about anything.

Personal Projects and Websites

Keyboard Paladin – Game reviews and analytic articles

Radio Free Tyria – News and advice fansite (and accompanying podcast) dedicated to Guild Wars 2