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My Writing Workflow

August 4, 2015lindsay0 Comments

Every writer goes about projects differently, but it can be helpful to have an idea of your writer’s working process. Today I’m going to share with you my own workflow and how I take a blog article from idea to post!


The first step is always to research the topic. I’m frequently tasked with writing on topics I don’t have quite as much background on, so I need to find out more so I can write from a more informed point of view. Researching the topic at hand also allows me to find other relevant articles, studies, or news stories that will help solidify my arguments or points. And of course, researching helps me to make sure I’m not making factually inaccurate statements!

Draft Writing

As much as I love technology and all my various devices, I usually write up my first draft using regular old paper and pencil. I find that the physical act of writing on paper helps get my ideas flowing more freely. After I’ve written a first draft in my notebook, I type it up. This acts as a proof-reading and editing stage since I am forced to read through my whole post word by word. This is usually when I move phrases around, re-word sentences, and add in any necessary links and formatting.


If needed, I search for any graphics that might add extra interest and detail to the blog post. I’ll search for stock images to act as a featured image or search for charts and infographics that illustrate my points. If I’m writing on a WordPress blog (which I usually am!), I’ll preview the blog post to double check that the formatting looks good. After a finally read-through of the article, I click the Publish button (or Save as Draft, depending on the client’s preference).

Have any questions about my workflow? Maybe you’d like some more detail? Let me know in the comments below!

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